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‘Scream 5’ Is Officially Happening. Here Is Everything We Know.

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Ahhh! Who’s ready to SCREAM — again?? Scream 5 is coming in 2022, and I. Can’t. Wait!

It has been 9 LONG years since we last got to see a film from the cult series that is SCREAM on the big screen, and that’s 9 years entirely too long!!


This saga is unique in that it not only offers up the violent horror of a slasher film, but it also brings us some pretty hilarious dark comedy, as well as a spoofy commentary on the internet and social media.

There is just no other film series like it!!


The first four Scream films were directed by the late Wes Craven, who also brought us horror hits like A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes, and Vampire In Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, he passed in 2015, so we aren’t going to get his expertise in this new Scream movie.


Since Wes isn’t going to be connected to the new film, certain actors were leary to return, including Neve Campbell, who played the lead, Sidney Prescott, in the first FOUR movies.


In fact, she has not yet signed on to be in the newest installment of the horror series, but she has been in contact with the new directors.

They wrote a letter honoring Wes in such a beautiful way, and they expressed that the reason they make horror movies is because of Wes and the Scream films — They also expressed how blown away they are at the idea of actually getting an opportunity to make one of them and how much they want to honor and respect Wes’ vision. It was just beautiful, and I was really grateful. I had really thought that the only way I’d step into a new project with new directors is if they really wanted to honor him. So, we’ll see.

Neve Campbell courtesy of US Weekly

Without Neve Campbell, the only other two actors that have been in all of the previous four films are David Arquette and Courteney Cox.


David has, indeed, signed on to be back in episode 5 of Scream, and according to Deadline.com, Courteney will be coming back as Gale Weathers. SQUEE!! I’m so excited to see them return in Scream 5!


Along with the two seasoned Screamers, we are going to be introduced to Jack Quaid, Jenna Ortega, and Melissa Barrera. I can’t WAIT to see how they play into the mix.


The upcoming movie was initially scheduled to drop in 2021, just in time for the original Scream’s 25th anniversary. The coronavirus pandemic, however, ultimately delayed this plan.

US Weekly

We DID get a little bit of a sneak glimpse into the future of Scream 5, when in August, the OFFICIAL Scream Twitter page announced, “On January 14, 2022 … We’re going to hear you SCREAM.”

According to Deadline.com, filming will start in Wilmington, NC (WooHoo! My backyard!!) this fall, with production finishing by the end of the year!! I. Am. So. Excited!


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