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This Secret Roku Hack Will Let You Customize Your TV Watching Experience

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Jordan the Stallion is TikTok famous for bringing us hacks that are so super secret that they pretty much piss off the entire restaurant industry.

Now, Jordan is bringing us another hack, and it is a game changer.

Do you own a Roku device? I do. It’s how we watch 100% of our TV.

Jordan is sharing a hack to find secret screens on your Roku device that will help you customize your TV watching experience.

In answer to a stitched video on his account, he gives us the down-low on how to hack your Roku.

What’s a weird flex in your world that no one else would understand?

Jordan the Stallion

He actually gives us TWO super secret codes that will let you customize your device — like changing what kind of ads you are hit with.

I will admit, it’s a little like using cheat codes on the PS2. LOL!!

But, the results are pretty amazing.

How To Find The First Secret Screen On Your Roku Device

Follow these simple steps:

  • Maneuver to the home screen
  • You’re going to press the “Home” button FIVE times
  • Then you are going to push “Fast Forward,” “Play,” “Rewind,” “Play,” “Fast Forward”

Voila! Secret screen number one. Customize away!

How To Find The Second Secret Screen On Your Roku Device

You want to do this exactly:

  • Maneuver to the home screen
  • Press the “Home” button FIVE times
  • Push “Up,” “Right,” “Down,” “Left,” “Up”

There you have it! Secret screen number two. You can enable and deactivate things like scrolling ads from this screen.

Thank you, Jordan the Stallion!

You can see the entire Roku hack TikTok video HERE.

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