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Shipping Container Pools Are The New Hottest Trend and I Want One

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I was already in love with the stock tank swimming pools, I had always wanted one. Now they also are making swimming pools from shipping containers! SERIOUSLY!

I’ve seen people make homes from them before, but never swimming pools.

Apparently they’re very cost-effective! They are built to last and can be shipped anywhere! So first, you order one and decide where you want it placed when it arrives.


Some people have built amazing decks around them! Complete with stairs to make it easier and more comfortable. A deck is a brilliant idea, because then you have another outdoor space to relax.


Some shipping containers come with windows in them, which gives you a cool underwater view! That would be so much fun! I love there there isn’t any digging involved to set up a shipping container pool.


They come in a ton of colors and sizes! You could always paint it though, or as I mentioned above, enclose it with a cool wrap around deck!


Since they are made from shipping containers, you can easily have them moved if you move! Just have a shipping crate mover load it up and take it to your new place! No need to leave the swimming pool behind!


I found some great instructions for building a shipping container swimming pool yourself! You can even make them into hot tubs y’all!


These do need to be waterproofed and set up with a filter system and that is all covered in those instructions!


Check out this awesome video about making a pool from a shipping container! I totally want one of these now more than the Stock Tank Pool!

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  1. Would love to have info about shipping containers please

  2. Great idea. Love it.
    I don’t do tic toc or Instagram. Can i get info emailed about the container pools ?

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