Soon It Could Be Illegal To Smoke In Your Car

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When I was a kid, road trips were brutal. My parents were both heavy chain smokers. Lighting one cigarette with the end another.

We’d cough and hack in the back until finally one of them would crack a window. For a second, all the smoke would suck out of the car and we’d breathe deep. Then mom would get chilly, and the windows would go back up. My little brother and I hotboxing our parent’s nicotine all while our teachers taught us second hand smoke kills.

Well, Alabama is about to pass a bill that will keep smokers from smoking in cars with anyone under the age of 19 in them! Can I get a heck yeah? The state house passed the law and the Senate will be voting soon. The fine will only be $100, but it’s a start.

Basically, they’re saying the law is designed to look out for the kids. They don’t care if people smoke, they just don’t want anyone doing it with kids in the car. And who can say no to that?

Man, if it stops just one kid from sitting through the headache of a road trip with smoking parents, I am all for it.

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  1. It is illegal here in Canada they passed a law here about 5 yrs. ago big fines if caught smoking with kids under 18 in the car.

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