TikTok Releases A New Feature That Removes Distractions While Watching Videos

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TikTok has decided to test a new feature that allows users to watch videos without any distraction on their screen.

A new feature that allows TikTokers to scroll through videos with the distraction or clutter of usernames, captions, etc. on the phone’s screen is now being tested.

For those who enrolled in the test, you can now access the “Clear Mode” option while watching a video thanks to former The Next Web editor Matt Navarra who spotted the new feature.

Courtesy of @MattNavarra

With confirmation from TikTok who told TechCrunch about the testing of “Clear Mode” on the social media platform, the feature is now available but only for some.  

Courtesy of @aj_malakai

To access the new feature, “Clear Mode” can be located by long-pressing on a video and the option should pop up on your screen.

Courtesy of @aj_malakai

According to TechCrunch, the feature would make it simpler for TikTokers by omitting the action of re-uploading popular clips for people who want to take a screenshot.

And as of right now, it’s unclear if TikTok will release the new viewing feature for others to use during its testing stage.

While “Clear Mode” is only being testing for now, it’s up in the air whether or not the feature will become permanent.

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