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The Starbucks Free Red Cup Day Is Today. Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

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The Starbucks Christmas Launch is already in full force with all of the amazing new flavors, food, and cups. But wait…there’s more!


This week is the rescheduled Red Cup Day, on November 18th! Go to Starbucks and order any of their holiday drinks to receive a free hot reusable cup!


The only question left is…what does the cup look like this year? Starbucks has been pretty under the radar about showing their cup, but as usual, it always slips up somewhere.

Starbucks has conveniently been hiding it right in front of us. One of their disposable hot cups already has the print, as well as the login in screen of their app…

The cup above is the cup for this year! It’s very pretty so be sure you go as early as possible to make sure you get yours before they run out!


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