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Here’s How To Order The Hocus Pocus Frappuccinos From Starbucks

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You may have seen a Sanderson Sister Frappuccino flying around lately, but did you know that we have all three Hocus Pocus ladies ready for you in a drink worthy portion?


Winifred, Mary, and Sarah make up the spooky trio that is celebrated every time this year! So I felt it necessary to celebrate each individual woman and their unique qualities! Especially with their new movie coming out!


Let’s start out with Winifred! She’s the fearless leader of the lot, and has the attitude to show it. So we had to make sure to make her drink as unique as possible!


From the striking peppermint taste to the crushed strawberries on top, this is definitely not your typical drink, which makes sense for this very unique woman! 

So click this link below to find our recipe for Winifred and get ready to take control and be a fearful leader when sipping this drink! (Just don’t try to eat children…everyone has flaws)

Next up is Mary! From her quirky lip bite to her slightly gullible personality, it’s kind of hard not to love her. So of course, we had to make her a sweet drink!

This Mary Sanderson Frappuccino tastes similar to a chocolate covered strawberry, so it’s safe to say you won’t be disappointed! Use this link before for the recipe card to order this drink!

And last, but definitely not least, Sarah Sanderson. She’s the youngest, she’s obsessed with her looks, and she’s always running amuck amuck amuck.

The Sarah Sanderson Frappuccino has a sweet berry taste and is sure to make you feel good inside! Use the link below for the recipe card to order this drink!

Each of these Hocus Pocus drinks are amazing treats and a great way to kick off the spooky season!

Which of these Sanderson Sister Frappuccinos is your favorite? If you have tried any of them so far, comment below and let us know what you think!

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