Netflix’s New Show About Social Media Is Making Me Never Want To Let My Kids On The Internet Again

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We all know the internet can be a dangerous place but WOAH I just watched Netflix’s newest show and it just blew my mind.

Honestly, I never want my kids to use the internet again.

Okay, I know it seems that I may be overreacting. I mean, the reality is, we need the internet in this day and age and it can truly be a great thing under some circumstances.

However, when it comes to internet and social media, that is where we’ve gone wrong.

Netflix’s newest show The Social Dilemma breaks down social media as a hole and what I got from it is that we are all basically one big science experiment so social media companies can make us do things in order to make more money for them.


It is part-documentary and part-dramatisation that focuses on the dangers of social media. It talks about how the big tech companies use their apps to manipulate and control their users both psychologically and emotionally.

If it sounds familiar it’s because it’s basically Black Mirror but in real life.

Yeah it’s pretty messed up.

Not only are we programmed to be on social media for almost every moment of our lives, but our thoughts and actions heavily influenced. Right down to the way we react to a post.

The show has several people that worked at Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. and I am talking people who were high up in those companies. Even they, are coming forward to share this information and how it’s destroying people’s lives.

It even discusses how it has been linked to the highest depression and suicide rates ever in the history of humanity. That alone is just awful.

It was a huge eye-opener and may be the reason we just ban social media for our kids in our home. They don’t need to be part of some experiment especially when their brains are too easily pursued.

If this sort of stuff interests you, head onto Netflix and watch The Social Dilemma. Honestly, even if it doesn’t, I think everyone needs to watch it.

You can watch the trailer for it below. Seriously, spend an hour watching this and it will have you rethinking everything.

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