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The Newest American Girl Doll Is From The ’80s And The Nostalgia Level Is High

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I have three daughters and dolls were the norm around here. I have a stack of American Girl books that go over certain parts of history from the period that each doll was from. They’re fantastic!

American Girl

The books are great for teaching about different times throughout history. Like a glimpse into the past. The newest American Girl Doll just released and she is straight out of the ’80s!

American Girl

Picture it… the United States 1986… I was 12 years old. I remember watching the space shuttle blow up on live television while in class at school. Hands Across America also happened… 5 to 6.5 million people held hands for fifteen minutes forming a human chain across the United States.

The Bangles released “Walk Like an Egyptian”. There is so much more that happened in ’86. Both good and bad, but we got through it.

American Girl

It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around the “historical” 1980s, but man… we really did have some major changes in the 1980s didn’t we? I kind of feel like I need this doll in my life! Yes, I’m a grown woman… but I miss the ’80s so dang much!

This is the first new American Doll released in 3 years and I’m happy that they chose this time period. Her name is Courtney Moore and she is the total ’80s girl!

You can read her story in 2 books written by Kelln Hertz. It covers some of the things I mentioned above and more. There were so many things in the ’80s. I remember our first VCR, first microwave, first Nintendo, those were amazing times y’all!

American Girl

Courtney is from Orange Valley, California, which is a fictional town. She loves hanging out at the mall arcade playing Pac-Man. Those ghosts always triggered my anxiety! She is a STEM girl and wants to create games. Oh, and her mother is running for Mayor!

American Girl

The Nostalgia Level is High!

This doll comes with a complete ’80s outfit, complete with a jean skirt! She has hot-pink tights, ad white faux leather boots, and of course a hair tie for that wild side ponytail! She also comes with the first book called ‘Courtney Changes the Game’.

American Girl

They offer so much more for her though! You can get an American Girl sized Pac-man game! An amazing 13 piece fashion collection of pure ’80’s nostalgia too. Then there is the amazing ’80s themed bedroom! She even has a see-through telephone that lights up! I had that!

American Girl

Y’all, I think I am obsessed with the need of having this doll and ALL of the accessories! She has a Caboodles case you can get!

There are also Care Bear pajamas, and Care Bear sleeping bag set! This is the ultimate ’80s sleepover experience y’all!

Oh and get this! The American Girl dolls came out in 1986, so guess what Courtney can have? You guessed it, she can have her very own American Girl dolly named Molly.

American Girl

There is a 25-minute movie called Meet Courtney: An American Girl Movie, on YouTube Kids. You’ll have to set it up unless you already have an account.

The Courtney collection is available now online at American Girl, and will be available Sept. 25th, 2020 in American Girl retail store locations.

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