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Kelloggs Is Releasing A New Elf On The Shelf Cereal That Tastes Just Like Hot Cocoa And Marshmallows

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I’m too excited for Christmas this year. And so are my kids! Their favorite part is the Elf on the Shelf!

They already love the Elf On The Shelf Sugar Cookie Cereal, but this year, there’s another new flavor being added to the shelf!


This new Hot Cocoa cereal tastes JUST like hot chocolate and comes with marshmallows too!

“For the third consecutive year, we’re bringing the magic of the holiday season to the breakfast table so families can celebrate the holidays with their Scout Elf pals over a delicious spoonful of Hot Cocoa, Sugar Cookie or a combination of both,”

Laura Newman

This will be a Walmart exclusive, and of course, limited edition! So keep your eyes peeled and stock up!

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