You Can Get Cooling Pillowcases That Absorb Heat to Keep Your Head Cool While You Sleep

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Summer is nearly here and that means, we are in for some warm nights.

I don’t know about you, but I have to sleep cool. I have to have a fan going at all times and I need all the cooling blankets, pillows and covers I can get!

If you like to sleep cool, you need to grab these cooling pillowcases. They actually absorb heat to keep your head cool while you sleep!

These cooling pillowcases come in both queen and king size and come 3 different colors including blue, grey and white.

Honestly, you could get a set for the entire family. Kids will love them too!

The latest Arc-Chill Extreme fabric(Q-Max>0.5) which added cool particles of crystal jade can fleetly absorb sweat and heat, lowering body surface temperature over 5℃ at the moment your skin touches the cool pillowcase. The anxious and fretful will go, sleepiness and comfort will come. You will never be troubled by night sweats or insomnia.

You can get your Cooling Pillowcases from Amazon Here.

These will run you $18.95 per set of 2. You can also use promo code KT68LSBA for 10% off. Expires 9/30/24.

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