This Giant Cooling Comforter Is Even Better Than Costco’s

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Look, I love Costco and I totally own one of those viral cooling blankets from there but it’s small.

I think I finally found something better – a giant cooling comforter exists and it’s so big, you’ll have no problem sharing!

Now, if you don’t own a cooling comforter yet, let me tell you, you’re missing out!

These blankets are cool to the touch and are designed to help absorb heat from your body as you sleep. No more sweating or kicking the covers off (because we all know we are protected from Monsters with blankets on – ha).

Marchpower Cooling Blanket for Hot Sleepers is made of double-sided cool tech with Q-Max>0.5. Cool and smoth like ice cream. Outer Layer: Arc-Chill Cooling Polyester & Cooling Spandex, Three-Layer: Arc-Chill Cooling Nylon & Cooling Spandex. Arc-Chill cooling fabric absorbs heat and moisture, boosts water evaporation, lowers skin temperature by 36-42℉. Infused with jade nanoparticles for a cool and skin-friendly feel.

Did you know that people tend to sleep better when they are cool?

Seriously though, with the summer heat, I cannot think of a single thing better than having a cooling blanket and one that is big enough to share with your significant other.

Pair it with these cooling pillowcases and you’ll be cool and sweat-free all summer long!

You can grab these Giant Cooling Comforters for $69.99 (Queen) or $89.99 (King) on Amazon Here. Use promo code TDWQUQOF for 10% off until 9/30/24.

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