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This Giant Pink Flamingo Sculpture Is One Of Four Amazing Art Exhibits Going In At The Tampa International Airport

You are totally going to want to make a stop at the Tampa International Airport (TIA) next time you have a layover or a connecting flight.

Yes. I said the airport.

You are probably thinking, “WTH?!? It’s a freaking airport. They are all pretty much the same. Hallways, people, planes. That about sums it up.”

Well, not this one! Tampa International Airport is about to become a cool go-to spot for all those Instagrammers clamoring to get amazing selfies.

What am I even talking about? Well just keep reading. It’s about to get real up in here — really big and really cool!!

My sister is OBSESSED with pink flamingos? She accidentally started collecting them, and hasn’t stopped.

I say “accidentally,” because we just started buying her all the pink flamingo things, and now it has become a whole thing.

Last birthday I got her these quirky Dancing Yard Flamingos, and I even managed to surprise her with a Pink Flamingo Frappuccino off the Starbucks Secret Menu. I win the birthday gift-giving game!!

ThePhatMermaidShop – Etsy

Now I’m totally going to have to take her to the airport in Tampa, Florida, and I’ll tell you why.

TIA is about to get FOUR new art installations, and the gem of the group is the giant floor to ceiling pink flamingo art piece called Home. It’s going in the section of the airport that houses the Shoppes at Bayshore.


HOME is a massive, floor-to-ceiling sculpture that depicts a hand-sculpted resin and fiberglass flamingo as it gently dips its head beneath the surface of the water. The immersive installation, located prominently near the Shoppes at Bayshore, transports viewers underwater, inviting them to walk up and share a simple moment in the life of one of Florida’s most well-known birds.

Tampa International Airport

How cool is that?!? It’s going to be like you’re a tiny little fish underwater in the world of the flamingo.

This art piece is going to be last in the 4-part series, and is expected to be completed in Spring of 2022.


There are three more art pieces you might want to check out.

Paths Rising, which is currently being installed, is a piece made entirely of ladders. Yes, I said ladders. Like, the ones you climb to put up Christmas lights.


It is going to be showcased on the ceiling of the Main Terminal near the SkyConnect station, so make sure you look up!!

Then, there’s going to be TWO murals that you won’t want to miss.


One mural, by Jason Middlebrook, of Hudson, NY, features a composition of local flora and fauna and will live on the northwest wall of the building. The other mural, by Catherine Wagner, of Oakland, CA, uses photos that are laser-etched onto anodized aluminum panels to depict a verdant landscape. The work will be located on the northwest wall of vertical circulation building.

Tampa International Airport

Now, if you go to Tampa International Airport, you better send us pictures. We want to see them all, especially that flamingo!!