You Can Get A Hand Sanitizer That Smells Just Like A Hallmark Christmas Movie

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If you had to guess the smell of a Hallmark Christmas Movie, what would it be?

I think a mix of fresh snow, pine needles and cinnamon. Sounds amazing, right?

Well, stop guessing because You Can Now Get A Hand Sanitizer That Smells Like A Hallmark Christmas Movie and now I am ready for the holidays!!

On Air Beauty Company

This Hand Sanitizer Spray is called Christmas Movie Marathon and I surely hope it has all the smells of the holidays!

The “pjs and Hallmark movies all day” one.

This germ-killing spray dries quickly and is never sticky. With vitamins and moisturizers to keep hands soft, safe, and shielded from the dirty world out there.

On Air Beauty Company/Hallmark

Allll the holiday feels inside. None of the calories.

In addition, they have a scent called “Wine O’Clock Somewhere” that smells like notes of deep cherry, sumptuous merlot, and dark chocolate, with a finishing hint of citrus and spring blossoms.

On Air Beauty Company

They also have a double pack that includes the scent called “Fall Sweaters and Lattes”. I bet it smells amazing!

On Air Beauty Company

You can grab these Holiday Scented Hand Sanitizers Here. They’ll cost you $8-$15 and I think they’ll make awesome stocking stuffers!

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  1. Amazing!!! Here for this. I can smell it now. Everyone on my list will be getting this. Thank you!!

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