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Dominos Japan Released a ‘Halloween Roulette’ pizza where one slice has ghost pepper sauce

Domino’s Pizza locations in Japan are allowing their customers to play Halloween Roulette with their pizza pies.

This actually sounds like a fun party game. I would even play it just with my husband any night of the week!

They will make a regular pizza of your choice, but if you ask for it, they will drip ghost pepper oil on one of the slices.

The ghost pepper is one of the HOTTEST peppers around, so you can be sure it will make for an exciting dinner. They don’t drowned the pizza slice in the oil. It is a tolerable amount. It still sounds hella fun!

Domino’s Pizza in Japan will make sure to mark the special box, so it doesn’t get confused with your regular pizza boxes.

This “special” pizza will be available until November 4th.

I say we all go to our local Domino’s, and beg for this pizza in the U.S.!

It, seriously sounds so fun!! I would love to play this roulette with my friends!

Come on, Domino’s! Bring the fun over here!!