You Can Get A Bath Bomb That Looks Like A Starbucks Frappuccino And I Call Dibs On The Unicorn

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You can get bath bombs that look like little Starbucks Frappuccinos, and I’m about to be in bath time heaven!

Courtesy of TrinitySoap3 on Etsy

I didn’t think it was possible for me to like ANYTHING better than sipping on an ice cold Frappuccino. I love to try all the creations off the Starbucks Secret Menu — like my favorite — the Jack Skellington Frappuccino.

But, now you can drink your Frappuccino, in a hot bath, that is bubbling with the soothing scents of Starbucks-inspired Frappuccino bath bombs.

All my worlds just collided, and it’s pure bliss.

These bath bombs come in THREE different designs: chocolate, strawberry, and without a doubt, the best, UNICORN!!

Courtesy of TrinitySoap3 on Etsy

Each bath bomb is made with cocoa butter to make your skin extra silky soft. I LOVE the feel of cocoa butter!!

The Frappuccino bath bombs come in little Starbucks cups, and each one is wrapped in cellophane wrapping and ribbon. So, not only are they nice and safe from the elements, they make the CUTEST little gifts!

Courtesy of TrinitySoap3 on Etsy

The bath bombs are VEGAN- The bubble frosting contains no milk, eggs or sugar-this authentic bubble bar frosting? if you remove the top “frosting” portion and hold it under fast running water, you will get bubbles.

TrinitySoap3 on Etsy
Courtesy of TrinitySoap3 on Etsy

The fragrance on all of them is a blend of cherry, and they use a BioGlitter for the topping that is safe for your skin AND the environment. Pretty cool, huh?

Courtesy of TrinitySoap3 on Etsy

Each bath bomb is $12, or you can get a bundle of THREE for $32. I’ll go ahead and take one of those yummy smelling bundles, please!

Courtesy of TrinitySoap3 on Etsy

You can get your OWN Starbucks Frappuccino-inspired bath bombs on the TrinitySoap3 shop on the Etsy website.

Courtesy of TrinitySoap3 on Etsy

They take about a week before they are done and ready to ship, so take that into consideration if you are purchasing as a gift.

Courtesy of TrinitySoap3 on Etsy

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