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Starbucks Released A New Halloween Cup That Glows In The Dark and Now I Need To Find It

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Ahhhh you guys, I cannot wait to get my Halloween stuff up. I made my husband PROMISE we could by September 1st. With that being said, Starbucks is giving me all the Halloween vibes with their new cups.

One cup in particular has caught my eye – this skull cup that GLOWS IN THE DARK! Ahhhhh!


Now, I just recently got into the Starbucks cup fad so I have no idea if they’ve ever had a glow in the dark cup but I don’t care because I need it in my life.


This is supposed to be a 24 oz cold cup with a straw and run around $16.95.

As you can see, during the day it is purple, black and white but during the night, it’s black and glows in the dark. Ahhhh!


From posts online, it is supposed to officially release on September 22, 2020 in both corporate and licensed stores (think places like Target Starbucks) BUT people are finding them in stores now with the Fall cup release.


So, hurry on over to your favorite Starbucks location to see if you can find this beauty!


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