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This New Horror Film Is So Disturbing, It’s Causing People to Run Out of The Theater to Throw Up

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Horror films aren’t for everyone, especially if you have a weak stomach.

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A new horror film is making people sick because of how scary the film is.

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Individuals who have been brave enough to watch the movie up on the big screen have been rushing out cinemas to throw up.

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“The sounding made me so uncomfortably dizzy that I had to leave the theatre to vomit. This never happened to me before. It’s more disturbing than scary if that makes any sense.”

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Directed by Robbie Banfitch, the movie features a group of friends who travel to the dessert to make a music video and are soon encountered by unusual animal behavior, weird vibrations, and hear sounds that are unexplainable.

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Despite it’s recent release, Rotten Tomatoes has already scored the horror film above 70%.

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And not only does this film have movie goers vomiting, but according to others, some viewers have even experienced high heart rates while watching.

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Although if you want a piece of advice, watch this movie at home so you can turn on the lights.

You can see the movie The Outwaters in theaters now.

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