We Are Set For A ‘Super El Niño’ This Winter. Here’s What That Means.

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Since 1950, there have only been THREE Super El Niños.

This year’s predicted Super El Niño will mark the FOURTH in 70 years.

What Is A Super El Niño?

Super El Niños happen when the Tropical Pacific Ocean warms to above 2º Celsius above the average temperature.

While El Niños are not uncommon, SUPER El Niños are fewer and farther between.

A Super El Niño can lead to a wetter winter in the southwestern states and warmer than normal weather in the north.

By comparison, the 1997 Super El Niño peaked at an average of 2.4º over normal temperatures.

That Super El Niño led to crazy high snowfall in Colorado, and flooding in South America.

Now, since there haven’t been too many Super El Niños, the prediction system isn’t exact.

But, according to the National Science Foundation’s National Center for Atmospheric Research, this year will most likely be similar to the Super El Niño of 1997.

So, if you live in the South and you love winter, it’s going to be a great one for you.

Frankly, I can’t wait!!!

Maybe we’ll get a white Christmas this year!!

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