This Genius Hack Will Stop Kids From Peeking At Their Gifts Before Christmas Morning

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Kids are going to try to peek at their Christmas gifts — It’s just a fact.

I have to constantly change up my gift hiding spots, or little hands will find them and ruin the surprise.

I’ve started hiding them in a crawl space up to the attic — don’t tell my kids.

BUT, I’m not going to have to be the Christmas gift hiding ninja anymore!!

This genius hack makes it darned near impossible for kids to find out what their gifts are before the big day, and I’m totally implementing it this Christmas season.

All it takes is a little prep work on your part, and you’re completely good-to-go until Christmas day.

This Hack Will Stop Kids From Peeking At Their Christmas Gifts

So, the first thing you need to do is buy a different roll of wrapping paper for each person in your family.

I know, it sounds like a lot of work. But, it will be worth it!

Now, when you go to wrap all the gifts, make sure you separate them into piles — one pile for each person.

Then, you’re going to wrap each person’s gifts in a separate, specific wrapping paper dedicated to that individual person.

Do NOT add labels — you don’t want anyone to know who they are for yet.

Cut a little square out of each individual wrapping paper.

Then, on Christmas morning, you put that little square piece of wrapping paper in their stockings.

That is how your kids will know which gifts are for them!

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