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‘The Neverending Story’ is Getting a Remake and I’m Not Okay With It

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I still have my copy of the first translated edition of ‘The Neverending Story’ book. My mom bought it for me in the early 80s and it was my FAVORITE!

When the movie ‘The Neverending Story’ came out, I liked it, but I liked the book much better.

My imagination was so much better than anything they could ever put on the screen.

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Finding out that they are remaking this classic movie from my childhood has me feeling more than a little annoyed.

Where are the new ideas? What happened to all of the creative people?

‘The Neverending Story’ will be returning to the big screen whether I like it or not, so I guess I’ll go ahead and share what I know about the new movie.

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Are the effects outdated on the original? Sure, but so what… it was 1984 and I think they did a great job! But I guess that people want new and “improved” so here we go…

They’ve talked about remaking the film back in 2009, but it never happened.

Then in September of 2022, there was an image floating around implying that Disney was going to remake the film ‘The Neverending Story’ for 2024. That was debunked.

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This time it looks like it’s seriously happening because they just announced the production companies and producers that are taking on the project.

See-Saw Films and Michael Ende Productions are co-producing the project. They’ve announced that the producers will include Ralph Gassmann, Roman Hocke, Lain Canning, and Emile Sherman.

From what I can tell the story will remain basically the same and follow Bastian Bax’s story. But they did use the words “fresh perspective”, which means there will be changes.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. We will update you as new information is released.

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