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People Are Saying ‘The Scandinavian Sleep Method’ May Just Save Your Marriage

I’m going to be honest. Trying to sleep in the same bed as my husband is, shall we say, difficult at times.

Between the tossing and turning, the fights over the blankets, and the snoring, I don’t sleep super great each night.

My favorite thing is the next day when my husband asks, “Did you not sleep well?”

No. No, I didn’t sleep well. I feel like a zombie. Give me all the coffee.

But, there is something I’m totally going to be implementing in the bedroom, and it’s known as the Scandinavian Sleep Method.

I’m not joking — it just might save my marriage.

What Is The Scandinavian Sleep Method?

In a word, it’s perfect.

This sleep method is common in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, and I’m not sure why the heck we haven’t adopted this method of comfort here.

It involves ditching your boring beige or white linens for bright colors that make you happy.

But, although I’m a fan of the brightly colored bedding, the thing that makes this sleep method so great involves the duvet — or comforter, if you will.

How Do You Put The Scandinavian Sleep Method Into Practice?

So, check it out.

Here in the U.S., we usually sleep with a top sheet and a big ‘ol bulky blanket that covers both people in the bed.

Then, we spend all night kicking that sheet around and fighting over that blanket.

You are inevitably either too hot or too cold, and there’s no in between. You just can’t get comfortable.

So, with the Scandinavian Sleep Method, you totally ditch that top sheet.

It’s just extra fabric that gets wrapped around your feet, and really isn’t needed.

But, the key piece of this Scandinavian Sleep Method — the piece that makes it perfect — is the top blanket, duvet, or comforter.

Those Scandinavian geniuses don’t use one giant bed covering. Oh, no.

They use two separate twin-sized blankets — one for each person.

That way, you spend ZERO time fighting over the blanket.

You can cover up if you’re cold, and ditch it to the side if you’re hot.

You can wrap your little body up in the blanket if you want to, and you aren’t stealing anything from your bed partner.

I’m giddy right now. The thought of this Scandinavian Sleep Method makes me freaking giddy.

I’m already dreaming of the new bedding I’m getting for my room.

The Scandinavian Sleep Method Bedding