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Heinz Black Garlic Mayo Is Here Just In Time For Halloween

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I’ve never actually tasted black garlic, but it’s supposed to be delish.

Black garlic has a deep molasses flavor — slightly sweet — and yes, it’s actually black in color.

Heinz first released its Black Garlic Mayo last year in the U.K., but now you can find it at Aldi just in time for Halloween.

It’s the perfect thing to keep those vampires away. Mwah-ha-ha-ha.

I’d be so curious to see what this spooky sauce tastes like on a thick and juicy turkey sandwich.

Or, you could be like the British, and take french fries — or “chips” — to the next level with a Black Garlic Mayo dip.

I mean, you’d have to get past the fact that it is going to turn your food jet black. LOL!

Thanks to Aldi, we can try this Heinz Black Garlic Mayo on all the things this Halloween season!

We are un-boo-lievably excited for Heinz fans to get their hands on our newest, fang-tastic [Scarily] Good Black Garlic Mayo. This new product is the perfect way to embrace the spooky season, suitable for all audiences, even vampires! Don’t miss out on this limited batch.

Kraft Spokesperson

And, for all you health conscious people, you are going to totally like the fact that this Black Garlic Mayo is vegan friendly.

Run to your local Aldi, and grab yourself one of these limited-edition bottles of Black Garlic Mayo.

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