You Can Get A Giant Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler That Shoots Water From Its Horn And I Need It

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I just found out that you can buy a GIANT inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler, and I need three of them, please and thank you!

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This magical beauty is more than six feet tall. Now, I’m on the short side, but this will tower over MOST people! How FUN is that?!?

Courtesy of Amazon

This huge, inflatable unicorn yard sprinkler stands over 6 feet tall! The magical design and easy use makes this great to own or to give as a fun gift.

Courtesy of Amazon

It’s so easy to setup and use! It inflates and deflates in MINUTES. Then, you just attach any garden hose, and the water sprays right out the unicorn horn. Super easy, and super fun!

Courtesy of Amazon

Man, kids right now have it SO awesome! We didn’t have anything NEARLY this cool when I was young!

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They are selling for about $42 on Amazon and that’s pretty reasonable in my opinion, considering the hours and hours of fun it will provide! Grab a towel, and a case of icee pops and you’ll have so much fun outside in the sun!

The best part — you won’t be stuck inside!! You can set this up in your yard, and your family can have a great playdate.

Courtesy of Amazon

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