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Silly Rabbit, Trix Yogurt Is Back and It’s The ’90s Snack We’ve Been Needing

’90s aesthetics have recently become more popular including clothing hairstyles and snacks.

Flared jeans, fluffy hair and even Dunkaroos are now trending again as they once were.

Courtesy of @monokuroghost

With that being said, another beloved ’90s snack will be stocked again on store shelves and that is the colorful and creamy, Trix Yogurt.

Courtesy of Yoplait

After a 5-year hiatus, Yoplait has brought back the fan favorite snack by popular demand which means your childhood is calling and it’s time to pick up the phone!

Courtesy of Yoplait

After teasing spoonfuls of yogurt on Instagram, asking fans to guess what snack is back with the side eye emoji, you can expect two flavors to be brought back to stores.

The strawberry with red and green swirls and berry, which has blue and purple swirls, will both be available to the public once again.

Courtesy of @yoplaitusa

A PR rep who confirmed to Best Products stated that the eight count packs of yogurt will be released early this month at Walmart and SuperValu stores!

Courtesy of @yoplaitusa

You can get four strawberry and four berry cups for just $4; silly rabbit, Trix are for kids and adults.

Courtesy of @cereallife

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