The ‘Tiny Face Challenge’ Is The Perfect Way To Stay Entertained While Stuck At Home

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So there’s this challenge called the “Tiny Face Challenge” trending on social media…

Courtesy of YouTube
@Jaime French

And if you thought to yourself, “sounds kinda funky”, you’d be absolutely right, because this challenge is all sorts of FUN and is KEY to how you should be wearing your makeup…. see what I did there?!


But one woman in specific, has out done herself when it comes to this challenge and I’m impressed by her makeup skills.

The challenge itself is pretty self explanatory, people are drawing tiny faces on their noses and it kinda makes sense, considering half of our makeup is covered by our face masks!


The artist is Jaime French, and you might even recognize the name because she’s pretty popular on YouTube! You can check her out here if you’d like!

To draw the tiny face, she starts by penciling a nose, on top of her nose and with some serious contour, she makes the overall appearance of her face super small!


Next, Jaime moves to the base of her nose to draw a pair of red lips! After completing her tiny face, she continues to apply her makeup for the rest of face!

And as soon as she covers the bottom half with a turtle neck, it looks unbelievably realistic!

Courtesy of YouTube
@Jaime French

You can check out the full makeup tutorial here and good luck if you decide to try it!

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