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‘The Wiggles’ Just Released A New Rave Album That Parents Can’t Stop Listening Too

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Like many children’s television shows that play on repeat, it’s a known fact that The Wiggles, is one show that plays at nauseam in many family households.

Now if you’re a parent who is currently tired of hearing the same tunes The Wiggles play over and over again, you aren’t alone!

As a kid, there were a few shows my parents made me mute only when the theme song would play, because they simply couldn’t hear the same tune anymore, (which makes me burst out laughing today whenever I think of it!)

And if your kid is a fan of the popular Wiggles, the children’s show has just released a new kind of tune that you may actually be able to stand to listen to on repeat.

Courtesy of @thewiggles

Enter, The Wiggles new rave album!

The album which has been dubbed The Wiggles Soundsystem: Rave of Innocence, this new set of funky tunes is EDM-inspired and remixed from Wiggles classics!

Courtesy of @hellosunshinefest

That’s right, The Wiggles have just created an entire album suited for parents.

And lets just say that moms, dads, and even adults who were once fans of The Wiggles as kids are totally obsessed with the new beat!

Courtesy of @hellosunshinefest

@mandy_pelle mentioned on X, “PSA: The Wiggles just released an album of EDM versions of their songs, and honestly it made the entire break room’s morning to listen to Toot Too, Chugga, Chugga, Big Red Car.”

While another wrote on social media:

“no bcs why didn’t anyone tell me that the WIGGLES and lenny pearce just dropped a kids techno/edm album?? twinkle twinkle little star goes CRAZY,” said @teatreeboxes.

Courtesy of @teatreeboxes

The album which features a total of 14 tracks have been remixed by Lenny Pearce and DJ Dorothy can found on Apple Music and Spotify too!

Courtesy of The Wiggles

“It’s so incredible seeing people in their 20s and 30s who grew up enjoying our music in a whole new fun way, this remix album is sort of an extension of that,” said Anthony Field (aka Blue Wiggle), in a statement. “It’s wild ride — DJ Dorothy is on fire!”

Anthony Field
Courtesy of The Wiggles

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