‘Dollar Tree’ Will No Longer Just Cost a Dollar

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Dollar Tree changed everything behind how far $1 could go and to this day, I am avid dollar store shopper because I cannot even tell you how many amazing things you can find for $1!

Dollar Tree Will No Longer Just Cost a Dollar

I guess I should say “could find” because ‘Dollar Tree’ Will No Longer Just Cost a Dollar and people don’t seem to be happy about the change!

If you’re looking for a dollar tree near me, then check out the dollar tree store locater here.

‘Dollar Tree’ Will No Longer Just Cost a Dollar

Earlier this year Dollar Tree decided to comply with angry investors and test out select stores with offering products that cost more than a dollar. These test stores were referred to as ‘Dollar Tree Plus’.


The company aimed to see at these test stores how its economically sensitive customers responded to the higher price point items.

The word is, Dollar Tree bought out Family Dollar so they could combine the two brands and two pricing structures.


Apparently, it went well because investors were so satisfied with the results, the company is now moving from test phase to a wider rollout at 100 stores.


Named “Dollar Tree Plus!”, the initiative will feature products across many categories that are priced above $1. Dollar Tree management was quick to point out in its Thursday earnings release it was not raising prices on its assortment. Instead, “Dollar Tree Plus!” would be additive to the sales floor.


“With its ‘Everything’s a Dollar’ model, Dollar Tree has remained one of the most unique, differentiated and defensible brand concepts in all of value retail. However, we have always been a ‘test-and-learn’ organization that is committed to evaluating all opportunities to deliver great value for our customers while driving long-term value creation. During this test, we look forward to measuring and assessing the initial results and understanding if the introduction of multiple price points across a broader set of stores is in the best interests of our customers, Company and shareholders,”

Dollar Tree CEO Gary Philbin said in a statement.

But how are people really feeling about this?

I looked at Twitter and people are confused. After all, it is Dollar Tree and even a name change can’t fool anyone.


And the most confusing part is that even the Dollar Tree “about us” page talks about being only $1 and how they hear the following reactions all the time:

“I can’t believe this cool item I just found at Dollar Tree!” AND…
“I can’t believe it’s only $1.00!”

Dollar Tree Will No Longer Just Cost a Dollar

Stores still have signs up that say “Everything’s $1.00” so could this be means for false advertising? I don’t see this going well for people that may not notice the small banner placed near the front of the store…


Nonetheless, you might be able to score some awesome deals on name brand items for your home that are still greatly priced.

It’ll be interesting to see how this goes and even more interesting to see if these price increases come to a store near me.


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  1. dollar tree will self destruct if they start with the $3 to 5$ option. i stopped going to deals for that reason. $1.25 is fine for everything but dont make a dime store!!

  2. It’s awful that Dollar Tree is raising their prices. Those of us who are retired and get below poverty social security monthly will be hurt the most. They already own Dollar General and Family Dollar so why the increase? I don’t go to Family Dollar because of their prices. Why is it always the low man on the Todem Pole always gets hit the hardest? I’m extremely disappointed in the owners for raising their prices.

  3. Today I went to Dollar Tree in Danville. All of the Dollar items in the store are now $1.25. It was bad enough when they had a $3 and a $5 section but now they raise the prices of everything that was $1 to $1.25. They are going to lose customers. I am going to be looking for another store that sells $1 items.

  4. I have been in a Dollar Tree that now carries $5.00 items and I was Happy! Happy!! HAPPY!!! I felt like a kid in a candy store!!!! Went Crazy!!!!!! I can’t wait till we get one close to where I live!!

  5. I just bought three facial oils from Dollar Tree that were a dollar. I go in there today and they’ve been placed with the five dollar items for three dollars. Please.. Anything they get in there with a brand name will head over to the five dollar aisle eventually. Such as the Hard Candy eyeshadow palette I bought today. I will go to Big Lots, or Ollies, and even Dollar General to look for deals on my beauty supplies if this is the road they’re taking. I shop there only because it’s a dollar. Other stores have much better things. Just knowing that I would have paid a dollar for that facial oil or Hard Candy palette should the price change in the future, is enough to make me skip ol’ Dollar Tree.

    1. @APRIL,

      Yep. I saw this same thing happen to a closet organization item. Once sold in the store for $1, now somehow $3.

  6. Trying to find a Dollar Tree Plus in San Antonio Texas….

    1. @marilyn brownson, there is this thing called google. and it will show you pretty much any location you are looking for….

  7. hate this idea as soon most will be $5.00 as is dollar General!

    1. @linda zlock, Walmart here i come..instead of getting .33 of an ounce for something I will gt a full ounce at Walmart

  8. Nothing they sell is worth more than a dollar. These new changes will likely influence my decision to shop elsewhere.

  9. People are greedy! Leave crap alone! Open another place and charge more! Leave dollar tree alone or I’m gone!!

  10. No more$ store no more me why you gotta change a good thing all around leave dollar tree alone I won’t be the only one like this sad sad

  11. People Really, Cost of inflation has hit everyone. I’ll give it a try, If it cost more than Wal-Mart or BIG Lots I won’t go back.

  12. I won’t take the grandchildren there to shop anymore if you have to look at the prices, or where things come from in the store. It was a great place to take them shopping that you could say, ok you can all pick out something, then you’ll have to say, you’re going to all have to agree on one thing because they’re not all just $1 anymore.

  13. No more Dollar Tree for me. That’s why I go in there it’s a Dollar. Going back to the Wal-Mart and I’m sure my friends will also.

  14. I love going to the Dollar Tree in SF. But if items are going to be more than $1,.00, then I could just go to Dollar General closer to home.

  15. If it’s no longer Dollar Tree, it’s just another Five Below. ?
    That store hardly has anything anymore below 5.00.

    1. @Susan, Or Dollar General!! I Dollar General better than 5 Below!!

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