This Mom Lost It When She Found These School Pictures In Her Son’s Backpack And I Love Her

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Look, sometimes you just don’t want to take your dang school pictures.

school pictures

You have to stand in line, watch the flash over and over again, and when it’s finally your turn you get about four seconds to say cheese and give ’em the pearly whites.

But this little boy?


school pictures

Not so much.

He just took the best school pictures in the history of ever. I love how he is all of us on picture day in this ONE picture!

school pictures

The best part wasn’t the pictures though.

The best part was his mom. When she got the pictures, she was NOT having any of it.


At first when she saw her son’s school pictures, she pretty much lost it. Thing is, she was the only one mad. Everyone else loved them.

school pictures

I would buy them all.

school pictures

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Hah! That would also be funny.

It’s true, these school pictures made me laugh so hard I cried.

Yes, mom should do this. Stat.

To Mom’s credit, when her son’s school pictures started getting shared pretty much everywhere, and everyone fell completely in love with her son, she had a change of heart.


And everyone agrees that they LOVE this about her!

Agreed, this is the kind of heart warming thing that makes us all happy.

I mean, you’d have to have a good attitude to have raised such a cool kid!

What a great sport she turned out to be!

I have to admit, I would keep those pictures forever and ever if my kid pulled something like that.

school pictures

Not that I want her getting any ideas.

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