This Rescue Goat Suffers From Anxiety, and She Only Calms Down When Wearing Her Duck Costume

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Life is rough for this little goat, Polly.

Goats of Anarchy is the goat sanctuary that took little Polly in.

She’s blind, has neurological problems, and is just generally restless when she can’t find her owner.

In fact, the house she lives in is covered in sucking marks from where Polly sucks on the wall to soothe herself.

According to Just Something, little Polly’s mom Lauricella brought home a duck costume she bought in the kid’s section at Marshall’s.

From the second she put it on Polly, she was instantly calm.

She went from her usual nervous self to cool calm and collected in minutes.

What I want to know is, where do I get a super calming duck costume?

Good luck, Polly!

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  1. Glad she’s doing good in her costume. I had a cat named Polly, short for Pollyanna.

  2. I have goats and love the world out of them, they are a pet and there is a reason thy are called “kids”! I love my goats and they love me back. They helped me quite a bit after all my human kids left, they helped to “occupy” but not fill some of my emptiness. They are awesome and understanding, cute little bundles of energy and they have feelings too! Keep on loving that little ducky, koala or costume of the day loving and lucky Goat to have you as its keeper!

  3. I’m sure the goat wasn’t left in the trolley that long and I’m pretty sure a vet would say socializing an anxious pet with trips to public places is good. It can’t see but I bet it hears positive voices and loves the attention.

  4. I’m so happy for Polly. Dressing up is fun. However, it might have something to do with her need to feel grounded. Many autistic children need a waited vest for them to feel safe and grounded.

  5. Why does she only calm down in her cute duck costume

    1. It probably works like a thundershirt, or swaddling on babies. Being wrapped in something can be calming.

  6. Well, hello little Polly. You are adorable! I’m so glad you found a good home. I totally understand the Duck costume. I have a favorite pair of pajamas that make me feel safe and warm too. I’m so glad I crossed paths with you. You put a giggle in my day.

  7. What a bunch of infantile, animal abusing dumb Americans

    1. Your obvious offense to someone who is clearly not an “infantile, animal abusing dumb American” shows how truly ignorant some Americans are! ?

    2. I thank it is wonderful that a costume calms the goat down!! And the goat seems very content!!

    3. Animal abusing? Please look up animal abuse and you will see what it really looks like. If you are against animal abuse DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of berating people who actually care about them, love them and take care of them.

  8. Didn’t you all agree not to be a jerk? Read a the article – the goat has anxiety and the costume soothes her.

  9. To each his own. Don’t be so darn negative. If it helps the goat be happy and leave it alone!

  10. It’s cruel, it’s not normal to have a goat upright in a shopping cart too! and to dress it up, you are making a joke out of her misfortune in life! Shame on you ?

    1. YOU should be ashamed for acting like this, commenting your negative nonsense… Do you have some sort of knowledge about goats and the lives they live??? Do you know how to care for goats or any other animal? Are you a vet? No no and no I’m sure… The world will be a better place if people like you didn’t exist ?

      1. I’m
        Pretty sure if I asked my vet if putting a goat in a shopping trolly and wheeling it round a food shop would help with Anxiety they would say no. I get the costume thing as with kids with sensory issues but the stupid feet and the other stuff is just cashing in. Just because her anxiety is improved no need to take the p@ss.

    2. I agree! It’s not natural for a goat ? to be like that. (I have 11 goats ?) however this gold is different . In normal circumstances, this goal would’ve been put down. Firstly due to its being blind, firstly due to its being blind, secondly due to its anxiety issues. Those are not traits you would wish to carry on to other animals. There are 3 reasons people have goats and 3 reasons only! 1 is breeding, 2 is food & lastly as pets.(My are for breeding & Pets ONLY!)
      Pets get a lot more TLC then farm animals I’m sure this animal is cared for and lots of different ways then it would be in the barnyard.
      to each their own when it comes to pets, people dress there cats ? & dogs ? up in silly costumes and no one seems to mind. So Why not a goat! ? they are great friends, have great personalities, and are so silly! I’ve known people there taking care of blind dogs, blind cats, sick turtles, sick snakes, reptiles that can’t shed their skin is without a veterinarian care & many more obstacles for animals that are taking care of people every day so just leave the poor Goat alone! ???‍♀️
      Share the Love?

      1. Well ‘said’?.

    3. Seriously are you always that miserable with your life?! The goat has a safe loving home and they obviously take care of ALL of her needs including her anxiety. Would it be better just to turn her out to pasture and let the other animals trample her to death?! I doubt she minds having to sit in a shopping cart as long as she feels safe and secure with her “mom “. No one is exploiting her for her misfortune they are embracing the fact that she is dependent upon them due to her blindness and neurological disorder. She’s obviously very well taken care of. and adored. To her “adopted mom”, she is her baby so who cares what she wears?! Chill out! Clearly there is no abuse and if she could talk I’m sure she’d let you know she’s safe and happy and that her owners know how to relieve her anxiety, making her more comfortable.

    4. Do you wanna go said that the goat has a neurological problem yet it does not state exactly what that is. In the other pictures that goat can be seen sitting in the same position. I doubt very seriously that the goat is worried about your accusation of exploitation. I’m quite sure that she is just happy that someone is taking care of her because she is blind and knows how to calm her anxieties. Nowhere in the laws against animal cruelty does it say you’re not allowed to put a goat in a shopping cart and I doubt very seriously that you’ll find anyone with law-enforcement and/or ASPCA that we agree that this is some sort of abuse. Sadly, this baby goat is better taken care of then some children in this world. Ignorance about animals and their well being is what is not “normal”!

    5. That’s so dumb!! By no means is it cruel and the goat obviously doesn’t object to it so why would u call it cruel!? This person is caring for and loving this little goat!! Ur one of those hypersensitive offended by everything idiots!! SHUT UP!!

  11. Goats defecate and pee at will. How do you have her dressed and living in a house knowing they do this by nature ?

    1. If you look closely at the pictures, it looks like she wears diapers

    2. For all those goat”know it alls”out there: you should be ashamed at yourselves! If this is really a rescue goat, it surely has been taken care of with love❤️ I have a goat and also loves her sweater on when we walk on the beach. Goats can be house trained and mine never pees indoors, little pebbles are easy to clean up and if your timing is right, my Grace whines when she needs to go. She never goes in the car either. She loves the attention she gets from fellow walkers and enjoys playing with her doggy playmates!

      1. I think it’s nothing wrong with this she takes care of the goat

      2. You should be ashamed of yourself telling people to be ashamed when they point out the animal abuse

      3. yes when it’s actually animal abuse which this clearly is not. it obviously helped and soothed the goat so try being happy about that. You would think with a name like mama goat you would recognize that the goat is content.

      4. Well said.. we have pet goats .. and they are great company.. and as you said … they make cloth for all kind of animals even birds.. this goat is well cared for… no need to be Rute …

    3. With a little time and effort you can actually house train a goat.

    4. My goats used a potty pad so you need to learn your facts before saying negative things.

      1. Amen! All of these “know it all’s” are obviously ignorant about a lot of things including what animal cruelty is! Village idiot usually is louder than most!

  12. We had a dog that super loved to put on sweaters . He had his favorites and at times didn’t like the patches that were on them so would alter them . So glad Polly has people the care and nurture her . ❤️ Life’s precious. So much to learn.

  13. This is too cute and I’m so glad it calmed her.

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