What would you do with a Thousand Dollars?

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You read that right…
Watch THIS:
Okay, do we have your attention? Good.
WriteOnCon has teamed up with TheReadingRoom.com to bring you a VERY special contest to kick off the August, 2011 WriteOnCon Conference.
What? A first 500 MG/YA words contest. Grand Prize is $1000 AND an author profile page on TheReadingRoom.com. In addition, your work will be considered for possible representation by literary agent, Catherine Drayton.

When? Today.

Why? Well, maybe we’re crazy. Maybe we just love you– who knows what makes the ladies of WriteOnCon tick?

So here’s how it works. Click HERE to register with The ReadingRoom.com if you are not already a member (YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO WIN). Then click HERE to submit the first 500 words of your COMPLETED MG/YA manuscript
Submissions will remain open until Wednesday, August 17th (the second day of the WriteOnCon conference).
The TOP 5 submissions will be announced on Thursday, August 18th (the last day of WriteOnCon) and posted on TheReadingRoom.com where EVERYONE can vote.
On Thursday, September 8th, The Reading Room and WriteOnCon will host a special LIVE event to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNER who will receive $1000 cold, hard cash, in the form of a gigantic check in the form of a regular-sized check AND their own author profile page on TheReadingRoom.com. Finally, literary agent, Catherine Drayton, will consider their work for possible representation.
So, really, the only question left is, what would you do with $1000? 

If you want to help us spread the word by tweeting #IfIHad1000 with a link to this post telling us what you’d do with the money if you win, we would be deeply grateful.

Click HERE to read TheReadingRoom.Com Official Competition Rules.
YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF TheReadingRoom.com TO WIN. Click HERE to register.

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  1. The form on the website says “500 word pitch?” So is it the first 500 words of the MS or a 500 word summary/pitch?

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