Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

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  • I have the 99 red balloons song stuck in my head… #
  • Come watch my friend @ninjafanpire on BlogTV–She's single boys! #
  • I need to get my superhero on a little… going to watch Watchmen #
  • Wow, Gateway Tech Support is hands down the worst customer service I've ever encountered… #
  • This is like the best sand EVER and @lisasamples is giving it away! #
  • Need a new house? There's an open house going on right now at 1453 Ridgecreek Drive Lewisville, Texas 75067. #
  • I am getting the coolest decals for my kayak! #
  • Why is @ScottWesterfeld 's kindle version of Specials so full of typos?? #
  • If you're looking for a house in the Dallas area I can send you the details on an open house this weekend! #
  • Tomorrow when my daughter goes to princess camp I am gonna write like crazy!! #
  • Why are we dftba in our avatars? Did I miss something nerdfightertastic? #
  • I need a tent… #
  • Lol I do t know why that posted twice… #
  • Do I want a soda or… Wait live bait? WTF! #
  • Do I want a soda or… Wait live bait? WTF! #
  • What's wrong with woot? I HAVE to buy today's shirt! #
  • Oh snap! You can win a SWEET Old Navy coupon and there are hardly any entries! #
  • They better not make the horde all EVIL in that warcraft movie! #
  • Feeling a little unmotivated this evening. I guess I could wii step while I watched 10 things I hate about you? #
  • Holy Smokes! I have too many blogs in my reader… it might be time for a clean out… #
  • Do I want to pay 99 cents for this twitterena app? #
  • RT @nataliewhipple: Sometimes I think I'm way funnier than I am. And sometimes I'm funnier than I think I am. #
  • Rejection- I get that it's a part of writing, but it still sucks! #
  • If you're thinking about going to bonkers today- rethink that plan. It's a madhouse. #
  • So apparently I can paint giant flowers on my kayak. Yaaay! #
  • Check out my new Kayak! #
  • My kayaking adventure #
  • I'm jealous of my friend who just packed up her kids and took off with them for the week to a find the perfect writing cabin. #
  • How would I go about getting OFF insect repellent donated for homeless people? Can anyone point me in the right direction? #
  • So it's Sunday morning, and I'm up before 7 to get my adventure on. #

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