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This Upside Down House Allows You To See The World From Another Point of View

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I love finding unique places to visit with my family, something everyone can enjoy with a ton of photo opportunities.

So of course I was totally mesmerized by this upside-down house!

The home was designed by an Austrian architect named Fritz Schall who lives in Colombia.

He was inspired to build an upside-down home of his own after seeing on when I was on a trip to his previous home in Austria.

Where Can You Find This Upside Down House?

Fritz Schall built his upside-down house in Guatavita, Colombia and it’s referred to as the “La Casa Loca”.

The entire place will mess with your mind in such confusing ways because you KNOW you are not upside down, but the trickery to your brain is so real feeling!

Not only is everything built upside down, but it is also tilted a few degrees to the back and a few degrees to the left.

This makes the sensations even more confusing to your brain and body.

The house is built to look like it is sitting on the tip of the roof with an upside-down driveway that even has an upside-down car.

All of the details are there to totally confuse your brain.

Every furniture and fixture detail in the house is upside down, from the beds and tables, to even the toilets and clothing hangers!

“La Casa Loca” quickly became a place that people who love taking fun photos wanted to visit and I totally want to go there!

If you are traveling in the area, make sure you add this to your list of things to do!

There is even a German restaurant and even a play area for children so you can make quite a day of it!

Tickets are only $4.50 for adults and just $3.50 for the kids, that is a deal! Grab your tickets here!

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