‘Vulture Bees’ That Feed On Flesh Exist And This Feels Like The Beginning Of A Horror Movie

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Bees are supposed to be the gatherers and pollinators, one of the most important creatures in existence.

At least that is what I thought before I learned about ‘vultures bees’ and now I’m just creeped out.

I have a love-hate relationship with bees, I love them because they are super important to us as humans, I hate them because I’m allergic to them.

But meat-eating bees… ugh what the hell do we need those for?

‘Vulture bees’ are newly evolved carnivorous bees that feed on flesh… Ewwww!

I thought all bees fed on nectar and pollen, but apparently, these bees from Costa Rica thrive on meat.

I don’t think these are vulture bees, however, this is something similar – thetryitall Instagram

One positive thing they have going for them is that they are stingless, so at least I don’t need to worry about that.

The ‘vulture bees’ seem to be attracted to dead flesh more than anything, but how long before they evolve to feasting on us humans?

There was a study done that found that because of the competition for nectar, a new species of bees evolved and they take after vultures more than they do typical bees.

These are the only bees in the world that have evolved to use food sources not produced by plants, which is a pretty remarkable change in dietary habits.

Doug Yanega – UC Riverside entomologist, said in a news release


Apparently, the study found that the guts of these bees are completely different than the bees that we have always known.

To lure the bees for the study they used pieces of raw chicken hung in the trees.

They even collected the raw chicken just like bees do with pollen!

Y’all, these bees will feast on a dead body… just like a vulture!

Now, I know I told you that they can’t sting, but they can bite!

They even have secretions in their jaws that can cause sores and blisters on your skin!

For now, they’re in Costa Rica and I hope they don’t find their way over here, yea… I’m not going to be ok with all of that!

Oh and don’t even think about eating ‘vulture bee’ honey, it could totally make you sick!

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