The Walmart Holiday Layaway Service Has Started And I’m On My Way

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Yes! I have been waiting for this! Walmart Christmas Layaway program is now open in select stores!

Layaway is one of my favorite things. Instead of paying out a ton of cash all at once, I can complete my shopping and spread out the payments. It has always been helpful for my family.

I know some people like to complete their Christmas shopping by using a credit card. Well, I prefer to save by not paying interest on credit card purchases by using layaway when I can. That way I can spread out the payments with no additional costs.


Walmart Layaway is available in select stores during the holiday season running from August 28th to December 14th, 2020.


Here is how it works:

Head to your local participating Walmart to complete your holiday shopping. Unfortunately, you can not do this online.

Once you have everything on your list, head to the designated Layaway counter.

There is no fee required for using the Layaway service.

You will need to make a small down-payment of either $10 or 10% of the purchase, whichever is greater.

Individual items must cost $10 or more.

Your total purchase must be $50 or more.

You can make your payments on your Layaway at any register in the store after you have it set up.

You can also sign up for email and text reminders about your Layaway payments. This is great because I am so forgetful! I need those reminders!

Layaway saves me money, time, and cuts down on the stress from holiday shopping! Do you use Layaway?

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