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Walmart Is Selling A 10-Foot Inflatable Pool For Under $30 and I Need It

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Currently I don’t have the luxury of taking a swim in the backyard and if you’re like me who wishes they did, let’s take control of the situation together and inflate one ourselves!

Courtesy of Walmart

Summer is finally here and the weather outside is gorgeous! Today it was almost 90 degrees on the east coast and all I wanted to do was take a dip someone’s pool!

Courtesy of Walmart

Let’s just admit, there are many stores selling different types of inflatable pools. However, choosing the right one is especially important because in this case, size matters.

The bigger the pool, the more fun in the sun of course!

Courtesy of Walmart

Currently at Walmart, there’s a 10 foot long inflatable pool selling for under 30 dollars and it’s more than enough room to fit you, your parents and your sister.

With blue and white colors, this 3 tier pool is super easy to set up and take down with a free-flow drain plug.

Courtesy of Walmart

You can purchase this spacious pool made by Play Day in stores or online. Although I would act quick, because Walmart is showing only 3 left in stock on their website!

Courtesy of Walmart

Now all I need is an inflatable palm tree to give shade and a cooler filled with soda and snacks to make for a perfect pool day.

Courtesy of Walmart

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