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This Water Balloon Cooler Hack Is Pure Genius For Keeping Your Drinks Cold This Summer

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This might just be the coolest summer hack I’ve heard all year.

You have to admit, our coolers get the heck used out of them during the summer.

Whether it’s at the beach, the lake, or out by the pool, we have to keep our drinks chilled in our favorite coolers.

Coolers are great, but they take up so. much. ice.

You have to hit up the store each time you want to use the cooler, just to get bags of ice.

But, what if I told you there was a better way?

Listen up!

Go get yourself a bunch of water balloons. Yes, I said WATER BALLOONS.


Don’t want to go to Walmart just for a bunch of water balloons?

You can get water balloons right on Amazon, and have them shipped to your house.


Then you are going to fill a bunch of them with water straight out of the sink.

Now, you want to throw the water balloons in the freezer. Leave them in there overnight, so they get nice and frozen.

When you are ready to pack that cooler, you simply use the water balloons in place of ice.

Not only is it bright, fun, and convenient, you can have yourself a good ol’ water balloon fight when you’ve used all the drinks in the cooler!

Genius idea, isn’t it?!?

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