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What Were The Mysterious Banging Noises Heard During The Search For The Missing Titan Sub?

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By now, you’ve heard the tragic news that all five passengers aboard the Titanic tour sub — the Titan — have all passed away.

It is presumed that the five passengers that originally boarded the submersible vessel to view the wreckage of the Titanic ship are presumed dead following a catastrophic implosion.

Rear Admiral John Mauger, the commander of the U.S. Coast Guard who was leading the search for the vessel, stated that the ROV found “five major pieces of debris” that are consistent with the “catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber.”

According to CBS News, “a U.S. Navy official said the Navy detected ‘an acoustic anomaly consistent with an implosion’ shortly after the sub lost contact with the surface on Sunday.”

So, What Were Those Underwater Banging Noises Heard During The Search For The Titan?

It was reported that on Tuesday and Wednesday, mysterious underwater noises were heard in the search area. These noises sounded like banging noises, and were heard in 30-minute intervals.

Many people assumed these banging noises were coming from the passengers aboard the Titan — which they did not realize had imploded at the time.

But, what exactly were the banging noises, if not from the Titan?

With respect to the noises, specifically, we don’t know what they are, to be frank with you.

Coast Guard Capt. Jamie Frederick

There could actually be many different possible explanations for the banging noises.

Officials from the U.S. Navy determined that the banging could have been random underwater noises, or they could have actually come from other search ships in the area.

The ocean is a very complex place, obviously — human sounds, nature sounds — and it’s very difficult to discern what the sources of those noises are at times.

Carl Hartsfield, underwater acoustics expert

Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Audio From The Titan

There have been several online videos that claim to have contained noises from the Titan.

The audio on these videos contains what sounds like sonar beeps, and then you can hear knocking, clanging, and banging.

Be aware: These Are Fake.

The audio on these videos have absolutely nothing to do with the noises heard during the search for the Titan.

But as for the real noises heard, we may never know…

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