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Why I Chose A LuLaRoe Nicole Over A Little Black Dress (And You Should, Too!)

I recently had the opportunity to go to a super fancy event and let me tell you, the anxiety of getting dressed to go was enough to make me want to hide in a closet under a pile of boxes. Or something. Luckily, I had a secret weapon hanging in my closet that fixed everything: seriously, this is why I chose a LuLaRoe Nicole over a little black dress. And? I’d do it again.

Why I Chose A LuLaRoe Nicole Over A Little Black Dress

Women of any size or shape can relate to the overwhelming feeling of not being adequately prepared for an event. Especially one with a dress code. And when it comes to fancy I’m at a disadvantage between the pink hair and tattoos. I’m different. I know it. I’ve stopped trying to be anything except me. But that still means I stress the heck out when it’s time to look nice.

LuLaRoe has not-so-slowly been taking over my wardrobe since February. I spend more days than not in my leggings or Carlys than out of them. In case you’re wondering, today’s Roe is a teal and pink triangle print Nicole I cut the sleeves off of. With my freshly dyed hair, it’s adorable. Anyway. I’ve got a lot of clothes to Roe in.

But I couldn’t wear them to this event!

…could I?

After an hour spent trying to pick an appropriate outfit my bedroom looked like a Texas tornado had ran through it and I was about ready to put on a trash bag, find some ice cream and just not go. This was too much stress for someone who no longer regularly leaves the house.

Recognizing I was at that stressful breaking point, I took a deep breath. I read the dress code again, which equated to: don’t wear jeans and t-shirts, be presentable. Then I asked myself, do I want to wear jeans or t-shirts? Nope.

What the heck do I want to wear?

That was such an easy answer!

I wanted to wear my black Nicole.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Nicole it’s a simple, knit dress with a scoop neck, elbow length sleeves and an A-line skirt. Its flattering. It’s comfortable. And paired with some glitzy jewelry and snazzy shoes…I knew it would be the perfect outfit.

I cannot tell you the kind of relief I felt at having arrived at this decision. I’d spent an hour slithering into shape wear I could hardly breathe in to put on a dress that was going to pinch, is now too big (Thanks, PokemonGo), or I just didn’t want to wear. I was getting a super awesome opportunity to attend this event and I didn’t want to spend it wondering when I could get home and put on my leggings. Something I could breathe in!

Long primping montage later, my hair curled, make-up done, all the glitzy jewelry, my black Nicole, a satin belt and heels–I LOOKED AWESOME!

And you know what?

I felt awesome, too.

I was comfortable. I looked great. I was excited about the night. It was  a home run.

Women’s clothing has been uncomfortable and involved way too many layers since the dawn of time. Since someone decided that women’s bodies were shameful and sinful. And we’ve been paying that price ever since. All we want is clothing that makes us feel good and looks good, am I right? We’ve been begging for it for years. And while yeah, a company or designer might make a few pieces here and there that fit the bill, we are always expected to cinch in or give up something for the sake of looking good, dressing right or meeting social expectations.

I stood in a room full of people wearing outfits that probably cost twice to ten times as much as I paid for my Nicole–and I got complimented all night long. That was empowering. And you know what? It tells me that fashion can be comfortable and on point at the same time.

LuLaRoe, for me, does something that so many other clothing lines doesn’t. It makes me look good with almost zero effort, and I’m comfortable at the same time. No more having to wear my Spanx or a minimizing bra, I can wear a Classic-T and not pop a boob out with leggings and look great. Curves, lumps and all. Finally! Someone has heard the collective female wail of lament and given us something we can love. Bonus that they wash and wear so easily, right?

My size, shape and appearance has been a years long battle. I’ve suffered from depression and anorexia in an attempt to be that ideal size or shape, because I wasn’t good enough. Because I didn’t fit the ideal. I have long-lasting health issues because of my unhealthy attempts to fit in a shirt the way people think I should, or making my hips squeeze into a particular size of jeans. Yes, I’m over weight, yes, I’m working on healthy ways to slim down, but you know what? I’m healthier now both mentally and physically than I’ve been in years.

Here’s the real truth: women are not shaped the same. So why should we all have to fit into the same clothing?

With LuLaRoe the clothing fits to my shape. My size. Not the other way around.