Yeti Just Released an Entire Pink Collection and I Want It All

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There are coolers, and then there’s Yeti.

Yeti has just upgraded their entire collection of outside gear thanks to the brand’s new color palette.

Courtesy of Yeti

Yeti has officially released an entire collection of travel gear painted in pink, which means you can now camp, hike, have a picnic or run errands in style.

From reusable water bottles to ice coolers, travel mugs, and wine tumblers, there’s also a pink lunch box that will make you want to bring your meals to the office, rather than buy it.

Courtesy of Yeti

The power of pink am I right?

Courtesy of Yeti

Fans of the Yeti brand can even count on grabbing a pretty and pink “OZ Mug” which has a very similar appeal and design to the Stanley tumbler.

The new collection, which Barbie would approve is of course, limited-edition so this perfect shade of pink won’t stick around forever.

Courtesy of Yeti

Although here’s hoping the popular brand makes their pretty in pink gear a more permanent color.

You can browse through Yeti’s new pink collection here, but full warning, your credit card is going to be calling your name.

Courtesy of Yeti

I call dibs on the cooler!

Courtesy of Yeti

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