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You And Your Entire Family Can Rent A Private Island In Italy For Just $43 Each A Night

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Well, dang… if I had 16 friends I would totally be down for this. I guess I’ll have to invite the family instead…

Airbnb – Anna

This is totally my type of vacation! This is a private island getaway!

The island is in Italy and is totally surrounded by the Venice Lagoon! It is called the Island Falconera and you can rent it out for just £512 per night which is $686.65 USD!


The home is a Venetian Farmhouse that has 6 private rooms with 9 total beds and 3 bathrooms. You have access to the entire 50 acre Island! The listing on Airbnb says pets are allowed! There is totally a dog on the island too!

Airbnb – Anna

The listing also says you can have up to 16 guests! Which would mean renting the entire thing! $686.65 USD per night would make it about $43 per person, per night!

Airbnb – Anna

It is an 8-minute boat ride to get to the Island and it totally secluded! You can catch the boat from the town of Cavallino-Treporti in Venice.

There is so much to do! You can kayak, fish, go biking, you can pick your own produce even!

Airbnb – Anna

So who else is in? If no one steps up that means I have to go with the family and right now… well, I think I need some time away haha! You can check out the Airbnb listing for Island Falconera – Venice lagoon!

Airbnb – Anna

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