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You Can Get A Starbucks Teacher Cup That You Can Put Your Name On

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Teachers, I know you have a very hard job. I know you love your jobs. Even though my family doesn’t use public school and chooses to homeschool (always have), we also appreciate you and know you are needed.

Teachers are in a tough spot right now. No one knows what to do and I get that it is all a mess. But we need to let these teachers know they are so very appreciated by their students and the parents as well.

This custom Starbucks Teacher Appreciation Reusable Cup is the perfect way to say thanks and we care! This is a grande sized (16 ounces) reusable Starbucks cup for hot drinks! It’s perfect for both coffee and hot tea!


It has been customized with a shiny red apple and you can have your favorite teacher’s name added to it. Just specify the name in the notes section when ordering.

The reusable Starbucks cups are eco-friendly, BPA free, and totally recyclable. They are personalized with professional-grade permanent vinyl. These cups need to be washed by hand, do not put them in a dishwasher. Also, do not soak them or put them in a microwave or you could ruin them.


You can purchase your own personalized teacher cup from Littlethingsbynicky on Etsy for only $12! So think of your teachers and send them a pick me up! She even has this awesome combo shown below! Teachers need an off duty cup as well right?


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