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This Woman Turned A Grain Silo Into A Cozy Guesthouse And It’s A Whole Vibe

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You have to see what one woman did to a grain silo that has the whole internet wanting to run out and make their own.

Amy Kleinwachter is a picker by trade. She owns Old World Antieks in La Grange, Texas.

She picks through souvenirs, heirlooms, antique pieces, salvage, and scraps on the daily, hoping to find that diamond in the midst of junk.

Amy hit the jackpot when she found an old 14-foot round grain silo, which was located just down the road from where she lives.

According to Country Living, she had already built an entire farmhouse out of salvaged materials, so she was very familiar with that rustic farmhouse vibe.

When she saw the silo, she immediately knew what she wanted to use it for.

Amy wanted to turn the silo into the perfect guesthouse to sit on her 10-acre property, and so she did it!!

She enlisted the help of Judy Kurtz, and the two of them scoured through Amy’s collection of weathered farmhouse wares — headboards, pictures, window frames, scrap metal — to find the perfect accessories for the silo guesthouse.

It took a surprising amount of geometry to make things work in a circle, but Judy nailed it!

Amy Kleinwachter

The completed guesthouse silo is 1,000-square-feet of fun. It has a front porch, bed and bath extensions, and the cutest weathered windows.

Intricately carved window and door headers are my go-to when I want to define a space or embellish without having to hang artwork.

Amy Kleinwachter

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind being a guest at Amy Kleinwachters house. This unique guest property looks so quaint and cozy!

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