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You Can Get ‘Trolls World Tour’ Oreos Complete With Glitter And Popping Candy

New Oreo Alert!! That’s my most favorite kind of alert. *Smile*

We previously announced that Oreo was going to release a Troll World Tour Golden Vanilla Oreo Cookie, that comes complete with Poppy PINK Creme Filling — and of course, it glitters!

Courtesy of JunkBanter on Instagram

But NOW, Oreo has one-upped their Trolls game, by releasing ANOTHER special cookie for the Troll World Tour movie. THIS time the cookie has — wait for it — GREEN Creme!

This Chocolate Oreo Wafer Cookie comes complete with Green Glittering Creme, and — perhaps my FAVORITE thing ever — there is POPPING CANDY hidden inside the creme!

Courtesy of JunkBanter on Instagram

Why do these Oreos have popping candy? Because, it is for the POP Music Troll, Diamond, of course!

Courtesy of keefrica on Instagram

These fun new Green Creme cookies feature fun music symbols like cassette tapes and records — do kids even know what those are?!?

Courtesy of Oreo

Both of these special edition Oreo Cookies are here for a LIMITED time, and are to commemorate the release of the Trolls World Tour movie — which I CAN’T WAIT for!

We found these at WALMART, but you can find them at your favorite local grocery store. Just head to that Oreo Cookie aisle!

Make sure you get them before they disappear! And, make sure you check out the Trolls World Tour movie — as if I had to remind you!