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Disney Will Let You Meet Baby Yoda in Person Soon. Here’s How.

The Disney+ Show, The Mandalorian, has become one of the most popular shows since it’s launch in November 2019.

And of all of it’s characters, Baby Yoda has practically broken the internet due to the cuteness overload and countless memes created around him.

Disney has released that Mando and Baby Yoda will be coming to Disney Parks, such as Disneyland and Walt Disney World, soon!

Lucasfilm’s Senior Vice President of Licensing, Paul Southern, spoke at a special event in New York stating,

“So, the reality is that we feel it’s really important for our guests at the parks to be able to meet all of our key characters on a first-hand, personal basis.  And so it’s something we’re working on. We think it’s appropriate, and I think it’s something the guests at the parks can look forward to in the very near future.”

A date has not been released yet on when we will get the chance to meet Baby Yoda, but just the fact that it is in the works is so exciting!