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Why I Think Yummly Is The Next Pinterest

Move over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, there’s a new boy in town, and he knows the way to our hearts is right through our stomach. It’s Yummly. I am pretty sure that Yummly is the next Pinterest.


Why do I think Yummly is the next Pinterest?

I knew Yummly was poised to be a player in that crazy mixed up world that is social media when I heard about it from a friend who wasn’t a blogger. He sent me a text, “I found a cool recipe on Yummly. Have you heard of it?” Of course I had– I’d already been yumming my stuff in hopes that people would see all the fabulous food we make here at Totally The Bomb, but I didn’t know my friends were Yumming, too!

How do you yum? Well, you just go up there to the top of any blog post, and you click the little yum button. It’s pretty simple.

how to yum on yummly

Once you click that, you sign in with Facebook, or just make your own account. (I don’t think it really matters too much one way or the other) and then the recipe is saved in your collections, which is pretty simple is you ask me.yummly collections

So, I have to know– are you going to Yum? Do you think Yummly is the next Pinterest?


Tuesday 6th of October 2015

I couldn't agree with you more. When I first started yumming my recipes I thought the exact same thing. I knew it would be the Pinterest of Food. It's a great resource for traffic and I really love finding quality recipes all in one place.