People Are Just Finding Out That Jeep Windshields Can Be Taken Off and Everyone Is Shocked About It

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Jeeps are the type of car that can do everything a regular four door vehicle can’t.

Courtesy of @jeep

For example, your neighbors car can roll down the windows but a Jeep can take off the whole door.

Courtesy of @jeep

The next big thing for Jeeps is apparently, the new found love for taking off the windshield?

Courtesy of @joatyfrs

Thanks to a few viral videos on TikTok, people are now just finding out that you can take off the windshield off of a Jeep and since the release of a handful of videos that showed how to do so, people are taking joy rides across town without a windshield in front of them.

Courtesy of @brandon.haneline

Trying to imagine driving a car without a windshield in front looks exactly like this guy below who decided to drive on a highway without any laminated glass in front of him!

Courtesy of @brandon.haneline

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