Your Phone Has More Germs Than A Toilet Seat. Here’s How to Sanitize It.

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So while you are washing your hands a lot more often, have you even cleaned your phone? Yea, you kind of need to do that like now.

Your phone is covered in germs. You know you set that thing down in some strange places. You touch it all of the time too. Ew.

I see those public restroom selfies that y’all post on the internet! And while you are beautiful, that bathroom is nasty!

In fact, your phone has 10x more germs than a toilet seat. EW!

And since scientists have said that the coronavirus can live for two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. Your phone.

But, you have to clean it the correct way! If you do it wrong you can damage it.

We have information for cleaning your iPhone that you can read as well. The instructions below are not for an iPhone.

The first step is to unplug it from any charging devices and turn it off. I don’t want anyone getting hurt right now!


Now if you happen to be one of the lucky ones that scored some Clorox wipes, you can use that to wipe down your phone. Or any other wipes with 70% alcohol.

If you are like me and were unable to replenish the stock of anything at all, you can also use a soft cloth. Like one that you would use on your glasses or even a microfiber cleaning cloth.

You can spray disinfectant on the soft cloth, but do NOT spray it on your phone. Here is an EPA approved list of cleaning products that kill the coronavirus.

That’s it! Easy peasy and it will help keep you safer from spreading the coronavirus or any other virus for that matter.

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