Here’s How To Recognize A Brown Recluse Spider So That You Can Stay Safe

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Years ago I had a friend that was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider, he ended up hospitalized and they feared he would lose his leg.

In my opinion, after 40 years of doing pest control and household pests, I think the brown recluse spider is probably our most common household spider.

said Jeff Whitworth, entomologist and extension specialist in entomology at Kansas State University

That’s pretty freaking serious and you need to know what the Brown Recluse Spider looks like so if you do happen to get you can get the proper medical attention right away.

When the Brown Recluse Spider bites it can cause serious tissue damage, including tissue loss… scarring and infection if you do not get medical treatment.

The Brown Recluse Spider is more active in the summer and you’ll probably get some in your house from time to time as they try to escape the summer heat.

They usually like to hang out in dark spaces, such as a closet, attic, or a basement and they tend to shy away from areas with human activity.

One of my fears is my shoes and boots, I am always afraid there is going to be a Brown Recluse hanging out in there and bite me!

I always shake my shoes out before putting them on, trying to make sure there are no hidden creepy crawlies!

Here are some identifying characteristics of the Brown recluse Spider from K-State Research and Extension:

They are generally brown in color and have slender legs with defined structure and pattern. On the back is the classic ‘violin’ shape, though a few other species of spiders have the violin shape on them as well. The number one characteristic to confirm an identification is to take a look at their eyes under a hand lens. Brown recluse spiders have three sets of two eyes each.

K-State Research and Extension

They usually only grow to about the size of a quarter and are not hairy, I’m not sure that I would get close enough to inspect it if I thought it may be a Brown Recluse Spider!

If you are finding a lot of Brown Recluse Spiders inside your home, you might want to set spider traps or call in a professional pest control person.

Definitely make sure that you always shake out your clothing and shoes, especially if they were on the floor.

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You’ll also want to sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on the ground around the outside of your home, we get ours at Tractor Supply.

If you happen to get a Brown Recluse Spider bite, here is what to expect and what you need to do:

Within 24-36 hours of a bite, you will see that the skin has become red, and some people experience joint pain, fever, chills, nausea, and more.

The skin tissue around the bite will start to die and this can become serious if left untreated!

According to OSHA, if you have been bit, wash the area with soap and water and apply ice to slow the venom spread.

They also say you should elevate and immobilize the area and seek medical attention, if you can… bring the spider with you so they can properly identify it.

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