25 Must Have Picnic Recipes

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Summertime is built for picnics and these 25 Must Have Picnic Recipes will become your new picnic favorites. Sure, you probably usually pack sandwiches, and chips, soda, things like that…but have you ever tried packing muffuletta? Or how about  cheesecake in a jar, or maybe even (if you’re really wanting those sandwiches) the easiest quick tuna salad recipe ever? Don’t let your next picnic be a dud. Be a meal hero and plan ahead with some of these 25 amazing picnic meal options. Have fun!

must have picnic recipes

25 Must Have Picnic Recipes

1. Don’t let the kids go hungry while they wait, sneak them a snack in the form of these trippin’ oatmeal bars.

2. Be honest, you only wanted to read this for that  fruit salad recipe, huh?

3. Garden couscous salad may not have been a picnic must-have before, but once you try this recipe, you’ll never look back.

4. If you’re aching to get straight to the games, these easy humus turkey wraps are a fast picnic recipe that’ll have you playing tag in no time.

5. Or if you want to avoid bread altogether, try these sandwich skewers. Your picnic buddies will be impressed by your plan-ahead prowess.

6. Have a vegan in the mix? This vegan red cabbage orange and walnut salad will make them smile, and you’ll love it, too!

7. Your kids will never want pb&j the old way again once you show them this new option. Heck, you’ll never want boring old pb&j again, either.

8. Kidney bean salad is delicious, fast, and a super easy way to make your picnic pals feel spoiled.

9. Ready to check out something from the dessert menu? How about lime margarita bars. Talk about a tangy sweet treat!

10. You might think this spinach salad with caramelized bacon vinaigrette is too complicated for a picnic, but you’d be wrong.

11. But, if you want easier still you can always try these cucumber herbed flowers. They’re as delicious as they are pretty.

12. These brochettes of melon, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella will dazzle your picnic guests and keep every happy and fed well into the afternoon.

13. And for something off the “looks bad for you but is really good for you” menu, try these buffalo chicken quinoa bites on for size.

must have picnic recipes

14. Sure you can bring soda, and maybe juice for the kids, but if you want a true picnic ‘must have’ drink, you need to bring this cucumber lemon vodka and really surprise your guests.

15. Chefs in New Orleans do NOT mess around. This recipe for muffuletta is a perfect way to satisfy that sandwich craving and make your picnic one that everyone talks about for years to come.

16. More vegan goodness with these easy hummus spiral wraps. Anyone who loves hummus will love these, and your vegan friends will thank you for planning ahead.

17. Or for a truly fun picnic ‘must have’ option, check out this picnic in a jar. It’s so adorable your friends won’t know whether to snap chat about it, or eat it.

18. Ready for more dessert and more fun in a jar? Check out this awesome recipe for cheesecake in a jar. Delicious and totally portable.

19.Wild rice salad is totally gorgeous and will go with any picnic meal. Plus, it’s practically a meal on its own so it’ll help cut down of dishes you have to bring from the trunk.

20. Want to try an out-of-the-box (or maybe out of the bun) picnic option? Check out this recipe for traveling noodles.

21. Layered greek style chickpea salad is a fun salad option for your picnic pals, and the layering is absolutely beautiful.

22. How about a picnic classic? Roasted chicken salad for sandwiches. Your kids will eat it up and picky eaters won’t be bothering you with all those questions of, “No, but what’s in it?”

23. This recipe is called ravishing radishes, but it really should be called ‘the prettiest and most awesome radish recipe ever’ and truly, if you don’t make this one for your picnic, your friends will never forgive you.

24. Unlike the roasted chicken salad, this pineapple chicken salad is classic with a twist. It’s a must-have because it straddles that line between classic and unique. So much so that it’ll be easy to please them all with this one.

25. And what kind of ‘must have’ picnic recipes list would be complete without a sandwich that actually calls itself the best picnic sandwich. I don’t know about you, but I’d be willing to make it and take it for the name alone.

Have Fun!

must have picnic recipes

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